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Designing with Intent: Increasing Your Nonprofit’s Digital Marketing Performance

Your organization has three primary paths to building a strong marketing presence.

did you know?

Email messaging drives 13% of all online revenue?

There’s never been a more crucial time than NOW to create a cohesive strategy across all your donor touchpoints! 

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You are mission-driven,
but passion alone won't drive your nonprofit.

today's consumers are visually driven

– and digital consumption of information has never been higher!

Gone are the days of websites only being viewed on computer screens – you need a site that works well across all internet platforms. 

did you know?

Half of all visitors coming to nonprofit websites do so from mobile devices?

It’s essential that your website be both pretty and responsive!

Design matters.
Great design matters more.

Is your messaging both engaging and pleasing to the eye?

Can you feel your brand identity when you viewed across all communication channels?

Do people enjoy spending time reading your content online?

This can be difficult to do when producing content across three very different platforms. Whether it is on your website, through your email campaigns, or social media marketing, your message must be relevant, accurate, and compelling!

Studies have shown that consumers trust information from websites that offer an aesthetically pleasing experience over informative websites with poor design. The same can be said for other platforms as well.

hiring a designer

Design is the glue that holds together your organization’s message as it travels across different lines of communication. Having a recognizable design increases your brand awareness and stakeholder contributions.

When it comes to fundraising, those two elements pack a powerful punch! 

Intentional Design is both an art and science. 

By creating artistically engaging content that users want to engage with and backing your design with researched principles driven by data, Josie Joan Creative makes brands that will impact. And that’s what you’re going for right? 

You’re working hard to make a difference; let our agency work hard to move your message further through intentional design and strategy!

Josie Richards

our approach

We take your story, data, and programs and build them into something that will get your target audience excited to work with you!  

Built on the belief that you need a three-fold approach to creating an impactful design

Content. Design. An Intuitive User Experience.

Josie Joan Creative pulls all three into designing your marketing collateral to ensure your nonprofit stands out above the rest!

The Importance of Having a Great Website

You know you need it. But do you know WHY you need it? Bottom line…MONEY


Your organization exists on the generosity of donors who share your passion for the cause and trust your ability to facilitate change. 

When donors can’t 


  • find you…
  • navigate your website…
  • get their donation to go through…


They lose trust in your mission. Here are some fast facts to back that up: 


The ideal website load time for mobile sites is 1-2 seconds.


Guess how long it takes the average nonprofit homepages to load? Just about 3 seconds. 


Donation pages took over 2 seconds. A 2-second delay in load time resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%!


So what’s the solution? 

An Amazing Website!


Using beautiful design to attract your donors, and creating a user experience that makes visiting your site enjoyable (and fast!), potential donors will spend more time learning about what your organization does!

Why Social Media Matters

We get it…social media often feels like a one-way conversation in the middle of Grand Central Station – with so much noise it feels like it’s impossible to stand out. 


But social media provides more than just visibility to your organization. It’s an opportunity to educate and serve the community with information about what you do and how you do it. 


Social media is one of the first stops any buyer makes when looking at a new service, and the same goes for donors. They want to know what your nonprofit is doing for the community and how they can join in the efforts.  In fact, Social Media is responsible for 57% of traffic to fundraising campaign pages!


We use social graphics that are cohesive to your Organization’s brand and mission to help you share more authentically about your nonprofit’s efforts towards community change.

Creating Email Campaigns that People Actually Want to Read

Possibly the most neglected of marketing approaches are email campaigns. Creating content that keeps your readers engaged can feel like a full-time job, right? 


We’ll help you craft a strategy for communication using email campaigns designed to build a relationship with your audience.  Because at the heart of conversion (aka Donors), is relationships.

How Print Design Supports All Three Digital Marking Targets

Creating a cohesive visual design across all digital marketing targets strengthens your brand messaging. 


Giving your nonprofit organization a unique identity not only builds brand awareness it allows you to convey an important message with FEWER WORDS!


The average person makes up their mind about a digital marketing campaign within 8 seconds. Using eye-catching graphics design with intentional impact makes a bigger impression in a short amount of time. 


Most importantly you create consistency across your marketing avenues that will build trust with your audience.

Ready for passion to meet intention?