recent work.

how we've helped nonprofits grow.

print design.

blossoming stories from data.

KYd network 2019-2020 annual report

We decoded the data and transformed it into storytelling content that resonates with donors and community members. Combining statistics with client testimonials and photos brings the impact of the organization into clear focus for the reader.

web design.

regenerating websites with intention.

community homeworks website

A previously text-heavy website was evolved to prioritize engaging and functional user experiences. Clear navigation paths, accessible headings, relevant imagery, and interactive forms work together to guide donors, clients, and volunteers through the site with ease. As with every website we create, the site is accessible, responsive, and custom-made for the organization.


digital design.

sprouting new donors.

First Day shoe fund social media graphics

We helped create a conscious content calendar that allowed the organization to customize and easily curate content from a flexible content calendar. Creating the graphics ahead of time made it easy for their team to manage and ensured branding remained consistently on-point.